The innocent visual of the girl group Black Pink …

May 4, Black Pink official Instagram, an advertisement behind cut was shared.

In the photos, Black Pink, which features four-color four-color charms, Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa and Rose.

Black Pink, which focuses attention with the cheerfulness of the eyes. Particularly noticeable is the inability to remove the visual effects of sight.

In addition, Lisa turned, and the arm on the side, made a “v” shaped gestures, and made a heart-shaped posture on the head.

Meanwhile, Black Pink has surpassed 1 million views in the past five months after their debut with “Boombaiya” in August of last year, and exceeding 100 million views in five months, followed by ‘100 million views’ to ‘WHISTLE’ and ‘PLAYING WITH FIRE’, it was the first time for a newcomer to break through and to have three billion video music videos before the debut year.