Singer Sai (PSY)’s independent story was raised.

Sai, who signed a contract with YG in 2010, is reported to be preparing for his solo career. YG side said, “Nothing has been decided.”

YG Entertainment said, “Nothing has been decided yet. It seems like this rumor has been coming out while Sai has been preparing for various businesses.

Sai, who has been in charge for seven years since signing the contract with YG, has released a hit ‘Gangnam Style’ in 2012, two years after the contract. This song has become more winged thanks to YG’s global marketing.

Sai signed a three-year contract with YG in 2015 without any down payment. Sai not only keeps releasing the album, but also performs year-end performances and ‘drenched shows’ and is actively working as a ‘performance king’ in Korea.

Sai, who has widened his base with his 7-year collaboration with YG, is interested in how to set the next move, and he is also curious about his specific plans when he establishes a one-person agency.

Meanwhile, Sai made his debut in 2001 with the hit “Bird”, and was loved by the whole people by “Champion”, “Celebrity” and “Paradise”. Since then, ‘Gangnam Style’ and Point Choreographer Dance Dance have attracted worldwide attention and have raised their awareness.