YG Rookie group Black Pink topping charts once again. … With Highest Brand Reputation

The research lab collected brand measurement data starting from August 9 to September 10, Black Pink was found to have the highest brand value among major K-pop girl groups, followed by I.O.I at No. 2 and Twice at No. 3.

BLACKPINK – 7,468,374
I.O.I – 4,127,257.
TWICE – 3,776,917
GFRIEND, Red Velvet, and Oh My Girl followed.
LABOUM, Girls’ Generation, Apink, MAMAMOO, T-Ara, AOA, Lovelyz, Girl’s Day, SISTAR, Gugudan, 9MUSES, Wonder Girls, EXID, and April.

In response to the results, the chief of the reputations research lab stated “Black Pink is the first girl group has set this kind of record it entered the analysis radar.”