YG Entertainment has denied the group’s One Time for Your Mind (1TYM) producer Teddy Park (39) and girl group Black Pink Jenny (21).

Oct 14 afternoon, YG Entertainment said that, “I have never heard of the romance between Teddy and Jenny.”

Earlier, the media reported that Teddy and Jenny were in love.

Teddy is a member of YG Entertainment since 1998 when he debuted in the music industry as a member of One Time. He also produced Black Pink “PLAYING WITH without” and other popular songs. Jenny debuted as a member of Black Pink last year by the public loved.

At the same time, Jenny’s daily life of the girl group black pink attracts attention.

Jenny posted a picture through the official Black Pink Instagram.

In the open photo, Jenny wearing a striped jacket with a short miniskirt and looking down. Especially, Jenny showing off her figure of 8th grade despite wearing her athletic shoes.