Black Pink made their debut in Japan.

BLACKPINK PREMIUM DEBUT SHOWCASE “will be held on July 20 in Japan’s Bukodan.

This showcase is unusual for foreign new artists to be held in the Japanese dormitory. It was also sponsored by Tokyo Girls Collection, Japan’s largest fashion event.

Black Pink has been known to have received many love calls from abroad.

Black Pink has been attracting a lot of attention from overseas fans including Asia, Europe, and America, including iTunes in 14 countries, Billboard Awards in the US, Digital Songs in the first and second places, and China QQ Music Weekly Chart in first and second place.

Meanwhile, since debut in August last year, Black Pink released ‘BOOMBAYAH’, ‘WHISTLE’, and ‘PLAYING WITH FIRE’. They are scheduled to release their official debut album in Japan on August 9, following the Japanese showcase in July.