Group Dia has made a comeback, strengthening the vocal side in the ninth.

April 19, Dia opened a regular 2nd album ‘YOLO’ showcase at a performance hall located in Hapjeong-dong, Seoul at 2 pm on April 19.

On this day, Diamond showed the variety of genres in the regular album by introducing ‘Will you Go Out With Me’ and ‘Male Friend’ ‘Mannequin’ and ‘You Are My Flower’ as well as the regular album title song. The biggest change in this activity is the addition of members. Jueun and Somyi joined as new members and vocalized their skills.

Jae Chae Yeon and Ki Hee hyeon, who led the group, Jueun and Somyi, who are in charge of the vocals, joined 2% of the students.

“After joining the new member, Dia added,” Jueun and Somyi are playing a very good role on the vocal side, “said Dia.” The two members have practiced a lot, and I think we can make a good appearance. ”

DIA also challenged the trot genre and increased the variety of albums. Jung Chae Yeon introduces the song ‘You Are My Flower’ and says, “After practice, I have a light drink with my sister Huihyeon. I have been singing many songs and trotting, did.

Huihyeon said, “I drink very often in my house, I enjoy drinking lots of music, I listen to a lot of fun music, I even sing a trot, “He added.

Dia made the entire song for this YOLO album. It is unusual for a second-year group that debuted last year to make up an album of all songs. The agency provided tight lessons for the past year including the practice period for the musicality of Dia. The members have studied the lyrics and compositions as well as the instruments they want, and have prepared the perfect albums.

Dia is ready to give the crowd a fresh start with the compositions that fit in April. I plan to show my charm as a lively charm and as a musician. Dia’s ‘YOLO’ is announced at noon on the day, and Diamond plans to be active in the future.