Will 4 minute separate ? …

Today morning, Korean sites announced the high probability that the 4 minute officially separated this week.

At the base, the contract of the 5 members for 4 minute lasts until June 15.

Hyuna has already renewed her contract. At the moment, discussions are underway with Jihyun, Jiyoon and Gayoon, Sohyun,”said a spokesman of the agency to the Starnews site .

Hyuna also preparation of her solo, has already decided to continue her career with Cube Entertainment for the moment.

However, the other 4 members could decide to make a new start. Negotiations are continuing, because the Agency and they are unable to reach agreement on certain clauses in the new contract as the agent to pay in the signing of the renewal.

Beyond the financial aspect, 4 minute members are also at a turning point of their career.

Having started in 2009 with “Hot Issue”, they are part of the second generation of idol groups. With “Hate”, flagship title of their 7th mini-album released in February, they had emerged as one of the few groups who managed to pass the Cape of 5 years while remaining intact. However, during their interviews, they had already declared that their decision to renew their contract would depend on the success of this album…

Since 2009, 4 minute members had the opportunity to carry out activities on an individual basis.

Hyuna has released 4 mini-albums, Jiyoon and Gayoon formed the 2Yoon subunit, Jihyun toured a few dramas and Sohyun has made several appearances in entertainment programming.

Nevertheless, criticism of the management of the group usually evoke the fact that Hyuna is the only really known member of the general public and the choice of inadequate promotional preventing them from competing with the other artists at the top of the rankings.

For the moment, Cube Entertainment does not mention the end of the 4 minute, as the option to keep the officially “active” group with members in various agencies has not been ruled out.

It is 7 years that we are together. There are probably differences of opinion over the details, but this is not enough to speak of real disagreements,”said a spokesman from Cube Entertainment.

What is the future of 4 minute in the current musical climate?