BLACK PINK group first steps during their showcase broadcast on NAVER application V.

They were thus entrusted, Rose the first: “even if we are nervous, we will show everyone how we worked hard while waiting for our debut.”

Jisoo has said: “As I waited so long for our debut, so I’m very nervous.

Lisa said: “The fact we are trained us all together and that we can begin together makes me really happy.

Yang Hyun Suk was referred to its previous Quartet, 2NE1, as well as its small protected coming to be disclosed to the general public: “we have not tried too hard to create a difference between the BLACK PINK and 2NE1. It was the same thing when we created 2NE1. YG has its own unique sound, so we focused on making music that we like the most.

About constant delays of the beginning of the group, Yang Hyun Suk added:

If you had seen the BLACK PINK four years ago, you would have even said that they were very talented. But in the end the harmony within the team is more important. I think that now the BIGBANG members a beautiful harmony of team. When we started BLACKPINK, there were many members involved. Some are parties, while others remained as streaks. While I was pondering much, I decided to choose these specific members.

Finally, Yang Hyun Suk found in answering the question that many are asking: “There is no leader. It’s been so long that they are friends that having a leader is impossible. The four members can be leader.