Recently, Hite Jinro on Facebook said, “Wanted this moment! TVC, behind-the-scenes story and interview with Wanna One’s cool charm will soon be there for you. “and posted a photo.

In the photo, Wanna One members – Kang Daniel, Kim Jaehwan, Ong Seong Wu, Yoon Ji Sung, Ha Sung Woon and Hwang Minhyun posed with a beer. The beer commercials are known to have only adult members among Wanna One members.

The appearance of those wearing blue suits to suit their personality has created a sense of well-being. Especially, the cute and sexy aspect of the center river Daniel caught the eye.

Earlier, Wanna One members gathered a big topic as they were selected as a model for cosmetics advertising. They will be preparing for the ‘Produce 101’ season 2 FINALE CONCERT at the Olympic Park on July 1 and 2.