February 10 morning, TWICE member Dahyun attended the Hanlin Multi Art School Graduation Ceremony, reluctantly bid farewell to the student era!

Dahyun wore a dark grey coat, white shoes button light, the middle show slender leg, which balance the long section of the thick coat, but also aura of elegance!

Dahyun shared a photo with members of TWICE in Instagram in which he said: “I’m so happy. It is a graduation that I will never forget. Call it ‘Graduation’ is bitter. When I think that my days in school uniform will not return, I’m going to miss“.

“I have dreams from before to Hanlim Multi Art School, and working have those dreams reality.I’m very grateful for it, thanks to those times, I am now TWICE Dahyun.” she added.

At the end of the graduation ceremony, members will hold a noodle party “I want to congratulate my friends who graduated with me, and thanks to members TWICE and once again, thanks to all those who have congratulated me”.