May 10, Triple H made an interviewed at Cube Entertainment’s headquarters in Seongsu-dong, Seoul, 10:00 am .

HyunA, who was elected President Moon Jae-in and said that the birth of a new Republic of Korea is ” Happy and healthy country.

HyunA laughed, saying, “We want to be a healthy country that is always fresh and happy, like our song ‘365 Fresh’ after Korea’s President Moon Jae-in was elected.

HyunA said, “I have been running hard, I have only looked at one dream, I started to put down a lot of things.

I feel grateful for small things, and I am more concerned with the criteria for happiness than I am about worrying about how long I will be able to work,” she added.

HyunA said, “I did not feel like that.” When I debuted at first, I did not have a senior or junior, and I started with five employees.

Everything is the first time we start together and we know everything about this company, so we have to be with many juniors and we should be with our family members. We believe in the president and trust our family members and thank them.

HyunA said, “I have achieved my dream. I watched the stage of PSY and I grew up my dream, and I appeared as the main character of the music video.

If you do not have a dream, if you are prepared to get a chance, I do not think that opportunity will pass. I wish I could catch another love call.

HyunA also said, “Since I was a child, I have only looked at one dream. I started putting down a lot since last year. Expectations are not great. The standard of happiness itself is not large. I feel grateful for the small ones, “and” I want to make sense of my activities to be able to be called like elders such as Uhm Jung Hw and Lee Hyori. I want to work more than to worry about how long I can work. I want to live happily with people I trust. In the past, I ran without looking for a moment. Then I felt a lot after I made my 10th anniversary fan meeting. I was expecting too much, and when I was hurt and I was hurt, I thought I should be grateful for my happiness and try hard.

Triple H is a hybrid group consisting of HyunA and the Pentagon’s main vocalist Hui and E’Dawn. These are performance groups that declared another attraction than the TroubleMaker that HyunA and Hyun Seung formed Beast.

The album ‘199X’ about the 1990 retro style in an unknown x words, including the 1990s and now the partners, although very familiar, but show another new feeling.