Hyuna and Pentagon’s new unit “Triple H” released a concept preview video.

April 17, ‘Triple H’ today announced the concept preview image through the official SNS of agency Cube Entertainment.

‘Triple H’ in this video is a photo of an album jacket pictured in the background of California, USA. She is wearing a retro style costume and seriously taking a photo shoot. She also enjoys the daily life of eating ice cream and enjoying daily life.

‘Triple H’ going to meet with fans through the reality program ‘Triple H private detective’, which includes the preparation and practice of a new unit before the release of the album and the three members’ excitement and daily life.

‘Triple H’ reality show ‘Triple H’ will be broadcast on KSTAR and Cube TV at 8 pm on April 19.

‘Triple H’ ‘s first mini album will be released on May 1 at noon on various online music source sites.


The first mini-album list of ‘Triple H’, which total of 5 songs, which contains the title song ‘365 FRESH’, ‘Hope’, ‘Dreams’, ‘GIRL GIRL GIRL’ and other songs.

‘365 FRESH’ is an exciting punk-style song reminiscent of the 1990s, which means ‘always be cool’ 365 days a year. It’s an exciting and unique piece because of the exciting lyrics and the voices of the members who are full of personality.