"As soon as you hear 'This is the song' It was a much thirsty genre."

Black Pink has once again forecashed myths, starting with “DDU-DU DDU-DU” to fill their thirst.

June 15 afternoon , CGV Cheongdam Cine City M-CUBE of Seoul Sinsa-dong held a press conference commemorating the launch of Black Pink’s first mini album ‘SQUARE UP ‘.

Black Pink’s first mini album ‘SQUARE UP’, which will be released at 6 pm, has a message of ‘Let’s stick‘ and ‘Let’s fight‘ with the message of ‘Let’s confront ourselves with more mature and stronger music and concept of Black Pink’ .

This album includes four songs,title song ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU‘ and the subtitle ‘Forever Young‘, ‘Really‘ and ‘See U Later‘.

Jisoo said, “In a year, it came out as a mini album called ‘SQUARE UP ‘. We hope you will love it a lot because we have prepared so hard for the fans who have been expecting for a year. “A collection of songs that we have been loving for a long time, “she said.

About the title track “DDU-DU DDU-DU”.

Jenny explains, “It’s like a gunshot, and it’s like a shout for us,” after describing the title song . “I think it would be nice feels as if it were a shout spell like our mini-album title,’SQUARE UP,”she said.

After about a year of blank space, Black Pink members actively added their new album work. Rosé said, “We did not make an album in a month or two, but we discussed a lot of song concepts from the beginning,”And” Teddy seems to write a lot of songs with inspiration from us in the studio,”she said.

Jenny also said, “DDU-DU DDU-DU‘ is a main choreographer shooting. We thought that it would be a point to be related to the gun shots among the various hand gesture candidates,” she added, coupled with high value-added decorations, people’s expectations for choreography are improved.

Black Pink, who explained that it is a differentiating point with the tough and intense hip-hop style compared to the last album, said, “We wanted to show you the appearance of Black Pink, which is trying to do various things with this mature album.

We will work hard enough not to feel a blank for over a year,” Black Pink members who expressed expectations and confidence about the new appearance attracted attention with expectation of the music channel chart after the past activities.

Jisoo said “I had a feeling of pressure when I was about halfway into the debut, and I felt pressure.” However, “When I was preparing for a year, I told myself that I wanted to get away from it and enjoy trying to challenge a new genre.”

Following “We would appreciate it if the charts were high, but it would be nice to see our stage and say that ‘Black Pink digests its own unique color even with its new attempt.’ “.

Rather than defining the color of a particular Black Pink, Black Pink, who said that “Making each album activity the color of Black Pink” is their color, which fills the album with a certain color and the music industry is shaking the dominance is noticed.