September 23 , the post office mistakenly thought the pencil case belonged with Baekhyun …Fans lose his/her pencil-box

The photo shows a pencil case with a fan-made identification card that shows Baekhyun’s photo, name, birthday, and autograph.

[Update EXO’s Baekhyun Instagram ] wrote, “I got a call from the post office. ‘Please come and get your lost property~’ But I didn’t lose anything…

It turned out to be a pencil case. I opened it and saw a Byun Baekhyun ID kekekekekekekeke #Whatintheworld #ByunBaekhyunID #Friendlypostoffice.

Fans more than happy that Baekhyun found the pencil case through this amusing situation!


EXO’s Baekhyun has some tips for you!

“If you take a lot of selfies, you’ll get better at doing it, so don’t be too scared of it. I hope you’ll show yourself off!” says Baekhyun to wrap up his guide.