Actor and singer YoonA unveiled a follow-up visit to his fellow actor Im Siwan .

Sep 19 afternoon, YoonA said that she delivered a CD of Girls’ Generation to Im Siwan, who in the service of military service, in an MBC dram series “The King in Love” written by Cheongdam-dong SMT Seoul in Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

Recently, 13 actors starring ‘YoonA and Hong Jong Hyun’ such as “The King in Love” have visited Im Siwan, who was selected as a training assistant for 25 Army recruits. YoonA and others promised the visit of Im Siwan.

YoonA said, “Im Siwan oppa seems to be still nice and smart.” She said, “I did not see “The King in Love” at all because of his training. “There are a lot of people who love the Royal Won (Im Siwan), so do not worry,” she said. “I do not know if it’s going to be a force, but I took the SNSD signature CD,” she laughed.

The visit was conducted with the help of the agents without the help of the manager or the production company.

YoonA said, “There is a smartphone messenger group chat room. I decided to vote on the date, collect the dues, prepare the bus, and prepare the food. ” University MT was feeling good, “she said.

Yoona received the love of two men,Im Siwan and Hong Jong Hyun, in “The King in Love”. She said “I had plenty of time to get acquainted with the pre-production and historical drama.” and” In reality, it was a nice angels between the lines. Oppa took care of each other every time. It was a good working environment.

‘The King in Love’which was loved by the viewers at home and abroad, September 19 broadcast of the final episode 40th . It’s the second most watched drama in the audience ratings, but left behind the performance of their actors feel the dignity of the actors and their future moves.