Jeon So Mi of I.O.I turned a new nest to the BLACK LABEL under YG.

Reportedly, Jeon So Mi, who recently left JYP Entertainment, signed an exclusive contract with ‘THE BLACK LABEL’.

In response, THE BLACK LABEL is expected to have settled its current position and will announce its official position soon.

Although it has not yet officially announced the signing of the exclusive contract, the news of the signing of Jeon So Mi is definite.

The Black Label is an independent label under YG established by YG Producer Teddy, including singer Zion.T and producer Kushi.

Former Jeon So Mi debuted at the top of Mnet ‘produce 101’ with a girl group I.O.I. Since then, former Jeon So Mi , who appeared in various entertainments, has signed an artist contract with JYP Entertainment, but announced the termination of the exclusive contract on Aug 20.