Taeyeon has said that Girls’ Generation is also grows old!

In the KBS “Entertainment Weekly – Cook & Talk” broadcast on March 11.

First, she told about her first regular album exceeded 100,000 preorders.

In addition to sales, musical results get a good mark, Taeyeon concept photo also set off a topic, she said: “after members seen the photo, I was told that the members were rushing, and the members are also seeing me like this for the first time.” Taeyeon added, “Because I do not have any acting activities like any other member, I have not been involved in musicals, so I can only do that.” Make a new song, release an album. ”

Talking about her song, Taeyeon’s first OST “If”, Taeyeon said: “This is my twenty years old to participate in the OST, now has twenty-nine years old.” : “That year is thirty? Girls ‘Generation?”, Taeyeon smiled and said: “Because time is going, Girls’ Generation also grows old.”