Choi Myung Hwan and Kim Yul Hee’s marriage added a couple from their incumbent idol.

Choi Myung Hwan of FT Island announced his marriage to Kim Yul Hee from LABOUM via his Instagram. According to their agency FNC Entertainment, the two will marry this year.

Choi Myung Hwan and Kim Yul Hee‘s excellence was first announced in September last year when Yul Hee accidentally posted photos taken with Choi Myung Hwan on her Facebook. Therefore, both parties have to admit love. Since then, Yul Hee officially announced the withdrawal of LABOUM group in November. This year, the marriage was announced.

Choi Myung Hwan announced the marriage to LABOUM Kim Yul Hee, and Kim Yul Hee’s pregnancy was reported.

Choi Myung Hwan, an agency official at FNC Entertainment told to the media that, “I need to confirm the pregnancy of Yul Hee first.

FNC Entertainment said, “Choi Myung Hwa and Kim Yul Hee, who have grown up as lovers from colleagues, have decided to marry. The two will marry this year, so the specific schedule will be announced later.

Choi Myung Hwa also said through his hand letter, “I am going to achieve the fruits of my belief in love with my girlfriend who has been through hard work but trusting and trusting each other.

Idol Star ‘s marriage frist is Wonder Girls’s Sunye. Sunye is married to James Park, a Canadian native and missionary in 2013. She gave birth to her first daughter in the year of marriage. She gave birth to her second daughter in April last year and is faithful to her life as a mother who is not an entertainer.

U-KISS member Eli made his public announcement in June 2014 that he reported his marriage with Ji Yeon Soo, who was older eleven years old than his. At the time, Eli had been romantic relationship to Ji Yeon Soo for five years, and Ji Yeon Soo was three months pregnant. After giving birth to his son Min-su in June, 2016, after three years he opened his marital life via KBS2 ‘Mr. House Husband’ last year.

Super Junior Sungmin married musical actress Kim Saeun in December 2014. He joined the military immediately after his marriage. Sungmin has been withdrawing from Super Junior ‘s team after marriage.

Shinhwa Eric married actress Na Hye Mi in July last year. He denied the rumors of a few romantic ups and downs, but eventually he got married. After five years of dating, the two of them rang the wedding gown.

Not long ago, BIGBANG Taeyang and actress Min Hyo Rin were married. Taeyang and Min Hyo Rin are married privately in the church that they usually go to on Feb. Taeyang about to enter the military, and the honeymoon is not planned.