T-ARA will release their last complete album in May 17 and the contract expires.

“As T-ARA’s contract expires in May this year, this comeback will be the last album in its entirety,” said MBK Entertainment.

According to the agency, T-ARA’s complete activity and performance schedule will end in late June, but the schedule will be discussed through consultation between the agency and the member.

In the future, while public attention T-ARA’s movements, the complaint about the agency that T-ARA member Eunjung said earlier draws attention.

In 2012, EunJung appeared on KBS2’s ‘Star Life Theater’ and said, “I could not get rid of the idea of ​​being honest again” about the recruitment of new members at the time.

“I thought, ‘What are we missing?'” She said, “We have to practice more among T-ARA members, but when one or two people (new member) come in, the rhythm breaks and the team atmosphere becomes cluttered. She said.

However, soon after seeing the new member, she said, “I wanted to be helpful.” I was convinced by my company’s decision.

Some of them are wondering if “T-ara will release a complete album and get hold of their agency again”.

T-ARA, who made debut in 2009, is a longevity girl group for ninth year. He has been a leader in domestic and international performances with numerous songs such as ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’, ‘Roly-Poly’ and ‘Lovey Dovey’.