Actress Suzy boasted her sexy charm in a throbbing backless dress , which Fendi 2017 F / W collection in February.

On April 15, Star & Style magazine Instyle unveiled a picture with a cover for April with Suzy.

Suzy took this picture in Italy, Como, off the city center of Milan.

Suzy wearing a striped pattern backless dress with a bold incision on her back.

In the interview, Suzy looks like the lovely ‘TV fans’. “When I spend my time alone at home, I watch TV, entertainment programs like ‘Mom’s Diary ,’ ‘School Rapper,’ ‘Wedding Diary,’ and ‘Radio stars.’

Suzy also talked about the difficulties of the actors: “It has been difficult to perform every time you have finished the work, and I have been enjoying that has made me grow .”