Suzy was overtaken with a chic atmosphere.

Suzy has transformed into a fascinating variety of characters in a movie, from feminine slip dress,teenage girl’s exposed navels and capable jumpsuits. This captivating picture of Suzy, which seems to fall through, was accompanied by Omega’s Tresor, a luxury watch brand.

In the interview, Suzy’s unquestioning thoughts after working as a singer and actor. “It’s been a while since I’ve been working constantly without a break. There were times when I didn’t get more than I expected, but I don’t think everything I do is going well these days. Recognizing that every process is a ‘learning’ step for the next.

Asked about the following activities, she said, “I am not particularly sure about the benchmark for acting and musical balance. It seems to have flowed more naturally than I coordinated. I’m doing both. I want you see as a person who’s doing both,” adding that she was attracted more and more pungent at the time, expressing infinite affection for work.

Suzy’s pictures and interviews can be found at the ‘Elle’ June issue and ‘Elle’ site.