SNSD Sunny 써니 and Shinhwa Andy played students to meet the wacky cast of the JTBC variety show, “Knowing Bros”.

During this episode, Super Junior Kim Heechul proved that it was really not afraid to tease Sunny.

While members of the show spoke of what is important when you are as a couple, Sunny said: “for me, it is important that the person be punctual for appointments. I hate when it agreed to a trip and that the other person cancels at the last minute because that something has arrived.

The cast members then began to say that Sunny seemed to have experience in the field, and that she had therefore already of the attending celebrities in the past. Seo Jang Hoon has asked the member of SNSD : “Where do you like to travel ?

While a place requested, Sunny quickly replied: “The travel day.

Kang Ho Dong then made the psychoanalyst, declaring: “the people that really make day trips do not specify it when asked a question. Only people who travel that lasts until the end of the night answer the question in this way.

The paparazzi you not worry when you go out like that?” continued Kang Ho Dong.

Sunny finally replied: “Honestly, I don’t never went in one trip with a boyfriend previously.

Heechul immediately broke his silence, to laugh before you scream in Sunny: ‘Hey! How can you say that while I’m just before you with the eyes wide open?

With a look in corner to its attention, Sunny reiterated: “You know that I am ever part one trip with a boyfriend,” based on the words “only” and “boyfriend”.

In the end, Heechul replied to other members of the cast : “Oh, it’s true, I think that she has ever done. I don’t know what went through the head. I think that it has ever been.