Singer Sunmi has turned into the autumn goddess of the 'Fairy pitta' charm.

New York Urban Street & Ethnic Fashion Brands “ORYANY” has unveiled the 2018 F / W ad campaign for ‘SELF EXPRESSION’ theme with Muse’s Sunmi.

This season’s campaign, under the concept of “Photomat Project,” which means automatic photography, was designed to reflect the characteristics of the millennium generation, who are accustomed to express themselves based on the ethnic and retro sensibilities of the brand.

In the photos, Sunmi showed a romantic and lovely look, a chic, artistic and casual look, and a perfect color.

Sunmi also showed off their slim curvaceous by with a fall-filled look with a brown-toned check jacket. She doubled his sophistication with belts and added points to the overall styling cues with the Red Stiletto heel.

In the other photos, she wears floral pattern of flowers emerald long dress with blue color sweater layered on the other, and the mood was soothing, and the white-off shoulder dress with a unique design revealed a sexy and sexy figure.

In addition, Sunmi made a rock-chic appearance with black hooded leather jacket, ankle boots, and black shorts, and stared at the camera with an intense eye.

Meanwhile, Sunmi was scheduled to comeback with a new song in September.