Sulli [former member f (x)] continues to talk about her, but he is not sure whether it is for the right reasons.

Sulli recent been under fire from critics because of the photos that she post on her personal instagram account considered as being too ‘subjective’. Indeed, often happens it to share with his audience of the shots to the side of her boyfriend Choiza or the selfies. But these are not always well received by the fans…

Friday, the young woman unveiled a photo and a video about his instagram where she appears dressed in a simple white shirt.

While would be shown discrete following as many negative comments in recent days, some Sulli likely prefers to ignore all that and continues to… cause Internet users?

Indeed, greatly criticized for considered photos as being ‘subjective’ we discover today in a garden, squatting, in a white shirt under which she seems to wear nothing at all: no trace of BRA (or so without ramp) and the shirt goes up high enough so that some people will raise the question of the possible presence of a panty.

While there was even less to set fire to the powder, it is a bunch of negative comments that Sulli receives following the publication of these photos. For these users, it is that pure provocation. Sulli is still young and according to them, since his departure from f (x) the young has totally lost, or for other very simply revealed.

Among the comments, it is possible to read: “If you want to avoid the hate, don’t post pictures like this”; “You are in a public place, try to think a little“.

What do you think? Sulli seeking to fuel the controversy? Are there really a controversy to feed?