Singer Kyu-hyun will play as a special MC for Mnet 'M countdown'

Aug 23, Starship Entertainment said, “Soyou going to be a special MC in Mnet ‘M countdown”.

Mnet ‘Produce 48’ announced that 30 trainees will come up to the ‘M Countdown’ stage and come back to the six concept evaluation stages again.

Soyou, who is a vocal trainer in “Produce 48,” will be added to the special MC appearance.

After releasing her first solo album ‘리본 (RE: BORN)’ in December last year, she has been recognized for her musical talent among the public and succeeded in standing alone.

Soyou focused on the audience’s attention with her cute and charismatic appearance through various entertainment programs such as ‘ Soyou X Hani’s Beauty View’, ‘Seoul Mate’, ‘Producer 48’.

In particular, Soyou will also appear as a guest via tvN ‘Road to Ithaca’, and give off both outstanding entertainment and charm as a singer.

Meanwhile, Mnet ‘M Countdown’, which will be released as a special MC by Soyou, will be broadcasted at 6 pm on Aug 23.