Twice won the award at the Soulbada Awards.

Sep 20 afternoon, The 1st SORBADA Best K-Music Awards were held at Jamsil Student Gymnasium in Songpa-gu, Seoul.

Twice awarded the grand prize of digital and showed off the strong person of the sound source.

Actor Lee Sang Woo and actress Bae Jin Hee came on stage for the award. Lee Sang Woo said, “I felt more pleased than judging. I also felt that K-pop artists were great.

The winner was Twice. Twice, who was on stage for the winning speech “We was awarded the prize, but we so grateful for the music, and we think it is a great honor to receive it at the awards ceremony. We hope you will love the rest of 2017.” Tzuyu and Momo conveyed their testimonials in their native language.

This year’s debut in the gorgeous debut of Wanna One, which started with the stage, won the Rookie of the Year award and Rising Hot Star awards.

EXO became the third prize for the Daesang winner, the Popularity Prize, and Bonsang Awards. Exo members who were on the stage for the award were delighted with the first thing they received this year. Members were all thrilled and thankful to the fans.

The Soribada Awards celebrated the scene of fans and spectators with a feast celebration. It was particularly impressive that all the award-winning artists who attended the awards ceremony celebrated. EXO has performed three times, and Wanna One showed a celebratory stage performance.

GFriend, BAP, TWICE, Mamamoo, T-ara, Hwang Chi Yeul, BtoB, Monster X, Red Velvet, VIXX, EXO won Bonsang Award, SONAMOO and KNK New Korean Wave Music Star Award, Ailee New Korean Wave Type OST Tae Jin Ah and Hong Jin Young won the Trot Star Award. Red velvet received the icon of New Korean Wave. Gugudan and NCT127 won the New Korean Wave performance prize. Cosmic Girls and Wanna One Rising Hot Star Award.