Song Joong ki and Lee Kwang Soo enjoys fan meeting in Hong Kong …

Song Joong ki visited Hong Kong to Asia World-Expo this June 11, 2016… Seventh destination of the “2016 Song Joong-ki Asia Tour Fan Meeting”

As the report around 8,000 fans flocked to the Asia World Expo Arena in Hong Kong on Saturday for him. He said: “it is the first site that I went on vacation after becoming adult; in fact I went to Lan Kwai Fong yesterday. I am so happy to organize my fans today in Hong Kong. and I was surprised to see so many people here. Thank you”.

Lee Kwang Soo , who is best known for his appearance on the popular TV variety show “Running Man” , joined by his friend Song Joong ki, and together in Hong Kong by the gathering of fans, and playful discussions, the two showed fans his famous friendship at first hand, and were encouraged to present a lovely Duet together.

The day Hong Kong artiste Wong Cho Lam “Hurry Up Brother 4,” a Chinese adaptation of “Running Man”,also appeared to support Song Joong Ki, who recently participated in the program. Song Joong Ki said: “‘Hurry Up Brother’ was my first program in China so I was very nervous, but Wong Cho Lam took care of me really on the set and helped me a lot”.

The actor ended with a message of gratitude to the fan : “I think about fans’ support and passion which gives me a big energy. I will deliver with better performance in the future.”

Song Joong ki will slated for another fan meeting in Chengdu, China, on Friday.

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