Actress Song Ha Yoon released his latest episode through the pictorial.

Sep 19, the male fashion magazine ‘Esquire’ released an interview with Song Ha Yoon ‘

In the photo, Song Ha Yoon stares at the camera with glancing eyes and boasts a superior visual, while radiating a feminine beauty with a white shirt-style dress.

Even the extreme close-ups portrayed the beauty of the ‘Fall Goddess’, showing the splendor of the fashion-friendly beauty.

In the interviews, She shared its opinion about the current situation and the beliefs and values as an actor after the end of the drama “Fight for My Way”. She recently went on a trip “I always left to empty, but this time I went to fill it. Thanks to the feelings filled through this work, I became more inclined to live better in the future. ” she said

Care of your blessing, my heart seems to have become more open” she revealed himself as the actor Song Ha Yoon, rather than the actor Song Ha Yoon part of the content.

Asking questions about life as an actor “I do not know how to be a good person, but I have a dream that I want to present a good time as an actor, so I did not know it before, but now I am happy. An actor is a profession, and I can express my pain, happiness, joy.