Somi from Project Girl group I.O.I boasted mature charm.

Harper’s bazaar Fashion Magazine released an interview with Somi’s pictorials, which has been performing various activities solo after the end of the I.O.I activity on April 21.

Somi showed off the energy in the picture and the pleasant energy. In addition, I made various scenes with a rhythmic pose and a rich expression.

In an interview with the photographer, Somi said, “No one seems to have the most beautiful makeup. “I have a lot of words to say to you, ‘I’m ugly,'” she said to his friends.

There is a close friend among the performers of “Produce 101 Season 2” that is being broadcasted now. I told him not deliberately to please someone, but to show the true face. ” She also said: “both frank and free and unrestrained, and sometimes will abide by the principle of good faith.

Somi is currently appearing on KBS2 ‘Sister Dunk 2’.