BIGBANG Seung Ri before the solo comeback showed off a different charm by releasing the second poster of 'WHERE R U FROM'

YG Entertainment released Seung Ri’s upcoming second solo regular album subtitle song ‘WHERE R U FROM’, the second teaser image, which through the official blog at 9 am on July 12.

‘WHERE RU FROM’ is Seung Ri and Future Bounce, and Writer Song Minho, who is in the shooting support role with Seung Ri, is participating in the event.

The dance song that brings joy to both men and women with the keyword ‘WHERE R U FROM’ which is widely used all over the world. Song Minho, who was responsible for the feature, added the color of his work, which was specially completed.

Especially Seung Ri decided to shoot music video to ‘WHERE R U FROM’ along with the title song ‘셋 셀테니 (1, 2, 3!)’.

It is Seung Ri to be able to emit a colorful reversal charm through the two songs ‘셋 셀테니 ‘ and ‘WHERE R U FROM’.

The first solo album of the triumph, ‘THE GREAT SEUNGRI’, contains 9 tracks in total.

Seung Ri is going to show off the music world as ‘solo artist’ by participating in new song 8 track lyric composition.

Seung Ri will be back on July 20, and will be on tour from August 4th to 5th at 6:00 pm in Seoul Jangchung Gymnasium with the first solo concert ‘SEUNGRI 2018 1st SOLO TOUR [THE GREAT SEUNGRI] in SEOUL x BC CARD’.