The solo debut of Nine Muses’s Kyungri comeback one day ahead.

Kyungri will debut solo debut song “Last night / BLUE MOON” at 6:00 pm on July 5, and challenge solo in seven years debut.

Last night” is a song about the moment when you break away from your lover. It’s expected that we will be able to get a glimpse of Kyungri’s outstanding vocal skills and musical potential as a soloist.

Why we should expected to Kyungri’s debut solo debut with a unique sexy style.

First, Kyungri is the first runner to make her solo debut at Nine Muses group.

Kyungri debuted in the music industry in 2012 with a new member from the Nine Muses’ second single ‘News’ activity.

Kyungri was also noticed as a sexy icon in her superb body and fascinating appearance even in Nine Muses, a sexy girl group representing idol.

As a solo singer, Kyungri is expected to demonstrate an upgraded appeal.

[Top] Kyungri ‘s ‘Last night‘ through a lethal sexy concept that is eye-catching attention.

Previously, Kyungri revealed a solid line of bodywork and legged muscles that had been used for the concept image and teaser video, and revealed a deadly back line, which became an icon of ‘Sexy Back’.

In addition, the teaser video is expected to increase the fun of watching the stage as the performance of ” Gulish Dance ” with male dancers in high heels is expected to be an unprecedented performance.

Finally, the musical competence to be shown by solo singer Kyungri is also expected.

Kyungri released project sound sources such as ‘White Christmas’ with Jeong Jinwoon and ‘BomBom ‘ with CHOI NAKTA, and she showed a possibility as a solo artist with a distinctive neat and plump voice. In 2016, he appeared in MBC ‘King of Mask Singer’ and gave immersive stage to the audience.

Kyungri ‘s solo debut with performance, singing voice and visuals has raised the expectations of music fans.

Meanwhile, Kyungri announced his first solo song “Last Night” at 6 pm on July 5 and is going to start soloing in earnest.