Taeyeon revealed the background of her thought as to the fact of occur only on stage during her solo concert.

July 10 , the singer held her “Butterfly Kiss” at the Seoul Olympic Hall concert, before 6 000 fans.

Having set the mood by taking its tracks on the album “Why”: “Up & Down”, “Good Thing”, “Fashion” and “Night,” Taeyeon sang other songs from his repertoire, including ” Rain “, or” Gemini “.

During the concert, she said: “I have a lot of things in mind and I have to pay attention to everything, because I have to fill out the scene to me alone.” The young woman then remained speechless moments before expressing its gratitude and appreciation to his fans.

Following performances in Seoul on July 9 and 10 , Taeyeon will give two new performances of “Butterfly Kiss” on August 6 and 7 next to Busan.