March 4th, ‘SNL Korea 9’ production released AOA member Hyejeong as a new cast member along with Kang Yoon and Kim Hyun Joo the first broadcast.

AOA Hyejeong will be selected as a new cast and will make the Saturday Night theater will cause a sensation. Hyejung, who is proud of her versatility in various fields ranging from singing to acting, has attracted the attention of viewers by releasing hidden charms and attracting in this ‘SNL Korea 9’.

In February, Kang Yoon /강윤은 (new actor) and Kim Hyun Joo (Much like appearance – actress Park So-Dam ) will be confirmed as a new cast for the season 9 through ‘SNL Crew Audition’.

“SNL Korea” will be premiering its ninth season on March 25 at 9:20 p.m. KST on tvN.