Red velvet, Exo, and Girls’ Generation SM’s hot summer began.

It is called the house fight of SM, and the music performance of this summer is great. Red velvet and Exo are comeback series, and they are fighting for the first place in music broadcasting. In next month, Girls’ Generation announces 6th album for the 10th anniversary of their debut. In addition, group member SHINee member Taemin is also interested in a comeback in August.

It is interesting that the SM belonging to the musician, as a musician, is becoming a touch of one of the top bar. Girls’ Generation’s firepower following Red Velvet and EXO are also expected.

Red velvet, who cameback on July 9, continued to lead the music charts and music broadcasts with ‘Red Flavor’. In the music charts, he was still in the top spot and proved to be addictive. The personality of Red velvet which suits well in the summer is hot and it was hot because it was an attractive song. It became a runner in the colorful summer go-between.

Red velvet has been ranked No.1 in the idol brand in July with ‘Red Flavor’ activity. This activity showed off the power of the sound source, and was also the top five in music broadcasting. The first concert is ahead, and Red velvet’s activity is getting more attention.

After Red velvet, Exo is sweeping the music industry. Exo is active in his 4th album on July 18. In addition to being ranked number one on the music charts, this week’s music broadcasts are competing with Red velvet, a member of his agency, in the top spot. It is a figure that is proving the firepower of Exo while recording the third prize.

Most of all, it is not the story of a dream that achieves the fourth million seller who gathered expectation together with the comeback comeback. Exo’s regular 4th album exceeded the sales of 600,000 copies in the first period and renewed the record again. It is a record of “over-the-wall” with 800,000 pre-orders. It is interesting to show the power of Exo while continuing the first place in the overseas charts beyond the domestic market.

Following Red velvet and Exo, Girls’ Generation will following comeback on 7th of next month. It is an album released in two years as a complete album. It is also a song to commemorate the tenth anniversary. Since Girls’ Generation is a team that has recorded a solid record of sound recordings, recordings, and music broadcasts, it is highly likely to take over Red velvet and Exo.

“It’s You” is a medium-tempo pop song with a sweet melody. The lyrics, written by Yuri himself and written like a reply to fan letters, add meaning to the fans who have been together for 10 years.

Girls’ Generation is also attracting attention as a constant group of girls for the 10th anniversary. It’s sticky enough to have led the team for 10 years. Before the release of the album, their will release the new song on August 4th at 6:00 pm through regular music sites such as Melon, Genie and Naver Music.

This album includes 10 songs including double title songs ‘All Night’ and ‘Holiday’.

This summer is going to be expected.