Girls Group SISTAR will be exclusively contracted with their agency in June.

In June of 2010, the release of the new song ‘Push Push’, SISTAR, which became very popular at the same time as the public, has steadily increased its recognition for seven years. Under the seven-year standard contract, they will expire in June this year.

SISTAR will announce a full comeback on May 31 ahead of the contract expiration date. It will be comeback as the song of ‘Black Eyed Peace’ composed ‘TOUCH MY BODY’ and ‘I Like That’. As a result of the full-scale activities ahead of the contract, questions about contract renewals have increased.

So, an official of S’s agency Starship Entertainment said, “We are still in discussion for the renewal.”

Previously SISTAR debuted with ‘Push Push’ and after then with 10 hit such as ‘Shady Girl’ ‘My Boy’ ‘How Dare You’ ‘So Cool’ ,’Alone’, ‘Loving U’, ‘Gone Not Around Any Longer’, ‘Give It to Me’, ‘TOUCH MY BODY’ and’Shake It’.

The question is whether SISTAR will continue to be able to keep its brilliant record of seven years with its current agency.

Meanwhile, SISTAR was in the midst of music video shoot abroad ahead of their next comeback May 31st.

SISTAR recently show up on Cosmopolitan fashion magazine [Summer] June issue.

The members of SISTAR showed simple and natural appearance with basic items such as white shirt, denim pants, and tailored jacket. In addition, Hyosin and Soyou, and Bora and Dasom, have spun out their own chemies, who have been together for a long time, and laid a relaxing pose in front of the camera, revealing more friendship than ever.