IU will release her 4th album at 6 pm on April 21st and start her activities in earnest.

IU was planning to perform various activities such as appearing in music broadcasting program in this album after 4 years.

The title song of IU is very likely to be placed on the music chart 1 at the same time as it is released. The song ‘Through the Night’ and ‘Can not Love You Anymore’ were also successful in the first place on the music charts. The two songs are currently rated at the top of the sound recording chart, and the sound recording chart has been IU-ized.

It was expected that the power of upcoming title ‘Palette’ will be more powerful. IU, as well as a proven source of power, and here is the group BIGBANG ‘s G-Dragon, featuring ‘Cheat Key’ plus the aspect.

IU was sign that she will inherit the banner of the throne naturally following the premiere piece. There is a very high expectation of the public about the title song that followed the premiere song.

The strategy of releasing the premiere songs every two weeks before the release of the regular album was a plan that was possible because it is a singer who is confident in the sound record. IU sat on the throne of the music charts throughout the month and hit the charts nicely.

According to the source, IU will continue to keep the top of the charts for the time being after release of the official album on April 21. There are no singers who have released a new song for the time being in conjunction with the presidential election, and there are still news of comebackers who have been heavy for about two weeks since the presidential election. If it is the atmosphere now, IU likely to take the music chart until May after April.

According to the teaser video for ‘Palette’ of the topic has a sensual and warm synth sound. It has the charm of catching two ears at a glance with only a short part.

In the case of video, I produce twenty-five IU’s innocent and innocent inner faces with a unique visual image. The IU reveals beautiful and diverse facets of twenty-five youth peers, such as sparkling manic charms with matted hair, or expressing 9 kinds of emotions in their hearts.

It’s well-made record with 10 tracks painted colorfully by the musicians IU’s unique sensibilities and original experimental experiment. Based on the production of IU, this album has been made more complete by participating in the top genre musicians including Genre and genre such as BIGBANG G Dragon, Lee Byung Woo, Soon Seong, Lee Jong Hoon, SUNWOO JUNG A, OhHyuk.