SHINee member Onew ( Lee Jin Ki, 28) was arrested for allegedly molesting a woman in a club in Gangnam.

Aug 12, Gangnam Police Station in Seoul said that it had arrested Onew on charges of sexual harassment.

According to the police, Onew was suspected of having touched a part of A’s years of age a female body-something body twice in a famous club in Gangnam early in the day.

A informed the man who was in the same situation, and she reported to the police about 7:20 am. As a result, Onew, the victims, witnesses, and others returned home after five hours of police investigations.

Onew said to have denied the allegations, “I am drunk and do not remember.” Police will investigate the case and submit it to the prosecution next week after proving the charges.

A police official said, “We are currently analyzing the CCTV video.” and “We will send the case to the prosecution next week as the investigation of Onew, victims and witnesses is over.

SM Entertainment said that Onew was deeply reflecting on the day, and the other woman acknowledged the incident and dropped the charges.

SM Entertainment said, “Onew is deeply troubled by the disappointment and worry that many people have been worried about as a result of bad news as an official.” and “Onew visited clubs with friends to celebrate their debut as a DJ at dawn, dancing under the influence of drunkenness, Its was misunderstood by unintentional physical contact with people around him and was investigated by the police,”explained the situation.

Onew will be faithful to the rest of the investigation, “he said.” But we are not sure that the exact case If there is any additional speculation report at the time when the progress has not been confirmed, there is a fear that the honor and image of the party who has been working sincerely at home and abroad may be seriously lost, and I would like to ask you to refrain from further reporting of speculation. “He said.