MAMAMOO’s chic and charismatic look captivates the eyes of the exotic background where South America’s atmosphere is felt.

The colorful patchwork clothing and the colorful patchwork showed unique charm to each member.

In particular, the splendid visuals and confident poses that show off the passionate and sexy appeal like the hot sun of a summer are outstanding.

Previously MAMAMOO released a concept photo for each member of Hwasa, Moonbyul, Solar and Wheein, as well as a full concept photo featuring the atmosphere of the new song ‘너나 해(Do it yourself)’, further enhancing the fans’ expectation for their new album.

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MAMAMOO, who is coming back with a new mini-album ‘Red Moon’ of ‘Four Seasons Four Colors’, announced the album with glamorous and passionate charm.

The title song ‘너나 해(Do it yourself)’ is like a simple-style character who always thinks of himself and reproaches his lover, who takes care of himself.

Meanwhile, MAMAMOO will release her seventh mini album ‘Red Moon’ at 6 pm on June 16 and will start their full-fledged activity with the title song ‘너나 해(Do it yourself)’.