Girl group AOA Seolhyun is reviewing the movie ‘Ansi City’ appearance.

May 17, FNC Entertainment, a subsidiary of Seolhyun , said, “Seolhyun currently being proposed and under consideration for the appearance of the film ‘Ansi City’. In particular, Seolhyun said to have been proposed as an actor in the Ansi City.

Ansi City draws on 88 days of fighting between Yang Man Chun and Koguryo army against 500,000 Tang dynasty who want to capture Ansi City with a large historical drama of 15 billion won. Jo In Sung will be cast as General Yang Man Chun and will show colorful dramatic action.

The netizens responded “I do not think it is a union, but I am a sibling, so it looks good and I look forward to the movie” (kok ****), “I like the movie material.I think it would be fun to watch it because I got a lot of money. “(You ****).