Girls’ Generation Seohyun was confirmed to cast as female lead role of MBC new weekend drama ‘Thief, Thief’.

Seohyun takes the role of Kang So Ju in ‘Thieves and Thieves’, which is scheduled to be broadcasted in May.

Kang So Ju is full of loyalty and sense of justice of the blood investigators, never begrudge prisoners. Than anyone else has a warm face to protect the defenseless and loyalty .

Seohyun, who made his debut in SBS drama ‘Passionate Love’ in 2013, will be performing musicals such as’ Moon Embracing the Su ‘,’ Gone With the Wind ‘and’ Mamma Mia! ‘, as well as SBS drama’Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo’ and on-style web drama ‘Ruby Ruby love’.

“I wanted a new feeling, a new actor, and I was convinced that Seohyun would express her strong lively charm at role Kang So Ju,” said a company official.

Meanwhile, ‘Thief, Thief’ is a drama depicting the stories of pleasant thieves, who objectives are members of the upper class and secretly use their power to change Korean society for their benefit.