‘My Father is Strange’ Ryu Hwa Young’s passion was captured.

April 16, Imagine Asia released a photo of actor Ryu Hwa-young, who is playing the role of the youngest actor in the KBS2 ‘My Father is Strange’ (director Lee Jae Sang).

In the photo, Ryu Hwa Young, who is concentrating on acting monitoring and script research with a focused expression, was featured. Especially, Ryu Hwa Young shows eye-catching beauty with neat and clean water even though she is wearing modest training suit.

Unlike her play youngest daughter Byun Ra Young, Ryu Hwa Young, who is seriously watching and monitoring the script, has another charm with ‘Byun Ra Young’. Ryu Hwa Young will continues her rehearsal. Of course, it’s the back door that exchanges stories with the field staffs and makes every effort for the perfect scene.

Meanwhile, although in the last week’s broadcast, Park Chul Soo (Ahn Hyo Seop) was drawn to the appearance of Byun Ra Young (Ryu Hwa Young) There is a growing concern about the relationship.

‘My Father is Strange’ is broadcast every Saturday and Sunday at 7:55 pm.