MBC released new poster for the character’s new drama “Ruler: Master of the Mask” (Monarch) .

The character poster released on the 25th is attracting attention by expressing ‘Monarch’ six-color six-point charm point in one cut. The six posters have raised the expectation of ‘Monarch’ with the lively expressions and ambassadors of each person.

In particular, Lee Sun (Crown Prince) Yoo Seung Ho, with his intense eyes, grabbed the mask and added curiosity about the character, while Kim So Hyun emphasized his figure in a contradictory manner with a knife.

Lee Sun (commoner) of Myung Soo (L) expresses his intention to become a king with his face to write a mask. Yoon So Hee has revealed the character of Hwa Gun with a straight posture and an overt face.

In addition, Heo Joon Ho (Dae Mok) and Park Chul Min (Lee Sun’s teacher), who opposite to Lee Sun (Crown Prince), also overwhelmed. Charisma Heo Joon Ho and geek Park Chul Mi are looking forward to what kind of play they will showing in the drama.

‘Monarch’ is a dramatic drama depicting the righteous struggle and love of King of Lee Sun, who fights against the organizational members who have gained powerful wealth and power for thinking about the water of the Korean peninsula. It will be broadcasted at 10 pm on May 10.