Yeri, the youngest member of Red Velvet, has captivated California with her youthful charm.

Yeri has published a pictorial with the magazine “Singles”, which shows “Michael Kors” 2018 Summer look, has been extinguished with her own charms and colorful charm has turned into a twenty-year-old upscale and mature feminine beauty.

In the photos, Yeri showed off her dazzling beauty rather than the sun, sitting on a beach sand by wearing a flower blouse and shorts. On top, she stared at the camera with bold hoop earrings and excellent eyes.

In addition, she showed off her beauty beyond her previous image as a member of a girl group, playing the navy color bag with a feminine white look in a plastic pattern.

In the amusement park, she emphasized pure girl sensibility by wearing a tie dress and white sneakers together with a cute hairstyle.

Meanwhile, Yeri recently showed sweet taste with actress Han Chae Young in the JTBC4 reality program ‘Secret Sister’, demonstrating the various charms that cannot be seen on the stage and capturing the hearts of the fans.