Seulgi members of Red Velvet emanated a chic charm from the pictorial wisdom.

Recently, Irene, Jerry, Wendy and Seulgi of Red Velvet went on a photo shoot with magazine ‘The Celebrity’. Joy member was not able to take part in ,because of the tvN TV series “The Liar and His Lover”.

Seulgi with bang hairstyle and orange makeup , in a pink-colored blouse and a large floral ring and has a spring atmosphere.

After the end of the fourth mini album “Rookie” activities, Red Velvet members in the interview expressed their feelings.

Irene and Jerry said they wanted to take a trip while they were away. Wendy said it was easier to find the camera on stage when she was in her third year of debut. Seulgi also expressed her desire to learn drawing .

More interview and photos of Red Velvet with plenty of charm found in ‘The Celebrity’ Spring 02.