Choi Eunbin, one of the participants of “Produce 101″, faced justice for a rather surprising case.

GM Music, the Black Swan group Agency, recently filed a complaint against Choi Eunbin from the Seoul Prosecutor Office for breach of contract and fraud.

According to GM Music, Choi Eunbin visited the premises of the agency in the company of another wildfire, two girls hoping to become part of Black Swan, the group that the Agency launched earlier this year.

However, Choi Eunbin is under exclusive contract with Nextar Entertainment since 2012. According to the representatives of GM Music, the young woman is stored on their side, explaining that she had been drag too long and that she had no hope to begin in its existing agency. Choi Eunbin started “Produce 101″ as trail of Nextar, while being supported by GM Music. After his stint on the show, the young woman was unreachable, pushing GM Music to complain.

A representative of the Agency explained: “we have decided to file a complaint because we think that Choi Eunbin had never intend to be part of Black Swan, or to put an end to his contract with Nextar.

Wednesday, Nextar Entertainment has responded to the situation, a bit puzzled. A representative from the Agency said: “we don’t know what GM Music support provided to Choi Eunbin during”Produce 101″. “Spending, the manager and training have been supported by Nextar Entertainment, and there is no problem with the exclusive contract that we have signed, so we are surprised by these stories.”

History does however not stop there, since the adventures continued the next day.

Thursday, new documents have surfaced.

According to these, Choi Eunbin did a request for cancellation of his exclusive contract with Nextar Entertainment during the month of March. In this document, drag denounces his contract as invalid.

A person working for GM Music has also helped the young woman to complete the paperwork. In a screenshot showing a conversation between Choi Eunbin and an employee of GM Music, we can see has sent documents for termination of the contract of the young woman, then discussing with it of its future activities and a meeting with the GM Music stylist.

It seems that Choi Eunbin had the firm intention to leave Nextar Entertainment to be part of the Black Swan group. After verbally agreed on the contract, GM Music has supported drag during its passage in “Produce 101″.

Nextar Entertainment however refuted these allegations, the Agency explaining “always have an exclusive contract with Choi Eunbin,” before revealing that:

GM Music and Choi Eunbin met on several occasions to talk about, but they are never agreed on a contract, whether oral or written.” The Agency stated that preparations followed their course so that Choi Eunbin begins as an artist of Nextar Entertainment.

However, photos of Choi Eunbin in GM Music recording studio have set to circulate, a little anti-press explanations of Nextar Entertainment.

According to several sources, the trail also was seen leaving a vehicle GM Music to go on the set of “Produce 101″.

Finally, Nextar Entertainment said in a long official statement: “the reality of the trail is hard, and it happens that they feel frustrated to not start. Choi Eunbin attempted to join another agency because it wished to begin as soon as possible.

The Agency then explained his surprise in seeing GM Music continued in justice a trail under contract with another company, Nextar Entertainment wondering if it was morally acceptable.

“Prior to unravel the true from the false in this story, there are things that we don’t understand. “We would like to ask the audience: regardless of the consequences, legal – this morally acceptable that an agency offers work to a trail that has already signed an exclusive contract with another agency?

Even if this Court case is personal, Choi Eunbin is a Nextar Entertainment artist, then we will support it our best in this case. However, we would like to remind that Choi Eunbin is one of our trails from early 2012 and she works hard to achieve his dreams. We ask you to protect the dream of Choi Eunbin who wants to only become singer.”

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