PSY took first place on 6 charts with “I LUV IT” on the 11th. He showed up at the top of the list in Melon, Mnet, Bugs, Olleh Music, Soribada and Genie.

“I LUV IT” among the double title songs was dominant, and another title song “New Face” ranked second in 4 charts, followed by ‘I LUV IT’.

The music video of ‘I LUV IT’ is rising rapidly, exceeding 7 million on YouTube. Actor Lee Byung-hoon appeared in this music video and showed a considerable presence with no expression and laughed.

In the previous session, PSY said, “Lee Byung Hun has been successful in getting out of the business, saying that I can only dance.” He asked me to perform several times, but this time he responded to me for the first time.

Meanwhile, music video of PSY was starring actor Lee Byung Hun and X Son Na Eun, and many artists such as JYP Park Jin-young, KUSH, Zico, BI, BOBBY, etc., led by Yoon Kun Hyung who produced hit songs such as’ Gangnam style ‘GENTLE MAN’ .