Sai was ranked # 1 in the university festival this year.

May 1, as of May 2018, a professional performance entertainment company Mersen (메르센은) announced that singer-songwriter Sai (PSY) has risen to No. 1 in the ranking of singers and entertainers in college festivals.

As a global star with ‘Gangnam style’, Sai has been in the topped rank in the university festival market for many years.

Sai was chosen as one of the top performers at the festival because many singers visit college every year, but they do not have as many singers as possible, and the summer season started early , and people preferred the exciting dance music.

Among the popular girl groups, including Twice, Red velvet, Black Pink, and others, the young women’s musicians such as Kim Chungha, Sunmi, Momoland, Heize, MAMAMOO and Hong Jin Young are also showing strong emphasis last year.

It is also said that YG representative boy group Winner and iKON, Dynamic Duo, Dok2 and other hip-hop gods and new music stars Gilgu Bonggu, Paul Kim, etc. are also come in a throng.

“This year, the college festival king will definitely be Sai in spite of this more diverse line-up, as the number of requests for the festival is not limited to certain genres and idols,” said Mersen.