“Girl’s Day can be the first place, I promise .”

Famous composer Ryan was the producer of the Girls’day ahead of the comeback.

Both meet about 7 years ago in 2010. Girls Day made its debut with ‘KYAWOODDUNG’ but got a teased called “Pumba idols” as Vagabond’s choreography reminiscent .

Ryan worked on ‘Nothing Lasts Up’ to see the possibility of them and made a stepping stone to grow into Girls Day.

Seven years after we met again, their was called “Pumba idols”, but in my eyes there is an explosive talent. Girls day is now staying in the best ,completely different position from before.This time I put in about 4 songs, I suggested a new direction for Girls Day, and my friends followed me. ”

After the recording, Ryan was confident. In the description of the new track.

“Girl’s Day can be the first place. Of course the girls will. The higher we expect, the bigger the possible disappointment, but I think it seems to turn out as expected.It’s a song that can only be played on Girl’s Day. But it is a luxurious feeling that can be easily touched. It is also a girl crush music. ”