Mnet ‘Producer 101 Season 2’ dropping out of the nine trainer who were able to make it to a level of skill left a great shock to many who had supported them.

Mnet Produced 101 Season 2, which was broadcasted at 11 pm on June 16, 11 members of WANNA·ONE who were selected by the national producer were identified.

The last broadcast was on live broadcasting with 20 remaining trainees and officers in charge of the agency, and the debut member was selected by adding the pre-voting score and the letter voting.

Eventually the first place went back to Kang Daniel. 2nd place Maroo Park Ji hoon, 3rd place Brand New Music Lee DaeHui, 4th place trainee Kim Jae Hwan, 5th place Fantagio of Oh Sungwoo, 6th place Brand New Music of Park Woo Jin, 7th place Cube of Lai Guan Lin, 8th place MMO of Yoon Ji Sung, 9th place Pledis Hwang Minhyun, 10th place C9 of Bae Jinyoung, 11th place Ardor & Able of Sungwoon were decided in order.

The most shocking of the eliminated members is the group NU’EST leader Kim Jonghyun. Kim Jonghyun was 13th in the final rankings and fell through WANNA ONE debuted. In the ‘Produce 101 Season 2’, the national producer had a big expectation for his debut, as he has been working as a crushing character with talent as well as personality. It was hard to predict the debut season because of the big change in rankings this season, but there was confidence that Kim Jonghyun could reach 11th place.

Kim Jong Hyun told his Instagram immediately after he was eliminated, “I am so grateful to the fans who have supported me so far!” It was a good memory to get a lot of things.” It would have been better if he had dreamed of his debut with WANNA·ONE, but the expectations for his future career as NU’EST increased. In the future, the atmosphere of a fandom that supports his actions was formed.

It is pointed out that the announcement of the median ranking in this final result has had the greatest impact. The PD released the faces of Jung Se Woon, Bae Jinyoung, Lee Dae Hui and Yun Jisang in the middle of the statistics, and three of them except for Jung Se Woon posted their names on the list of last 11 trainer. As the number of characters was counted as 7, it was not possible to predict the change of rankings, and it was suspected that they decided to win the middle class rankings when they were released.

In addition, Kim Samuel, Joo Haknyeon, Kang Dong Ho, Yu Seon Ho, Ahn Hyung Seop, Choi Min Ki, Im Young Min, Jung Se Woon and others have also missed out. Kim Samuel was also one of the top performers in the past, so the impact of the drop was great. Kang Dong Ho and Joo Haknyeon were also the top names in the second half of the season. As everyone expected to enter 11 members of WANNA·ONE successfully, the wave of the impact continues so far.