‘Producer 101 Season 2’ unveiled the mysterious juvenile a long straight boy’s in hot topic.

Mnet ‘M Countdown’, which was broadcasted on March 9, showed ‘Producer 101 Season 2’ male trainees who will performance the theme song ‘It’s me’ and aired in April.

Choi Yoo Jung, who played the first season of the first center, got a lot of attention in this season. Female trainees with a warm appearance captured the hearts of audience.

However, the netizens concerned about is the end of the matter. Jang Moon Vok captivated by the lethal charm of lapping long hair and breaking his lips.

Jang Moon Vok (Brand New Music trainee) was featured on Mnet ‘Superstar 2’ in 2010. At the time, 16-year-old Moon Vok said, “When I think about Korean hip-hop, I am not looking for a way out of popularity and musicality. I want to contribute my hip hop to Korea.”

Jang Moon Vok, who revealed his aspiration, received a notice of rejection by presenting a unique Rapid Rap . Since then he has become a hot topic with the nickname “hip president” (hip-hop + president), which famous and influential as much as president between elemantary students.

Jang Moon Vok also BTS group member Kim Tae Hyung of “gossip girl”, before Tae Hyung had SNS open on his back, once a thought is his girlfriend, the turn that “she” is “he”, two had been friends for years.

Meanwhile, ‘Produce 101 Season 2’ will appear first at the night of April 7 at 11 o’clock, with Boa starring as the national producer’s representative (MC).